Breaking the Cycle of Racism: How to Start the Conversation with your Kids

These conversations have to start early. My daughter was 6 when a boy would not play with her because of her brown skin. That experience pushed us to write a book for children about DEI.

I’ve received a number of calls from clients, colleagues, and friends asking how to have conversations with their younger kids…conversations so critical to how our children relate to one another.

To help support these conversations, I am sharing our book for K-6. Rainbow of Friends is available for the Kindle on Amazon and an interactive version is available on iTunes. All proceeds from the sales of the books are donated to educational charities for children.

The book talks about all kinds of differences from skin color to hair texture to special needs. There are discussion questions to help you talk about these issues. The book is being used in classrooms in a number of states. By having these conversations now, we can help the next generation see the world through a different lens.

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