DEI Consulting

Customized diversity, equity & inclusion consulting designed to fit your organization

Whether you are just starting your DEI journey, or you are looking to update your DEI program to address a rapidly changing working environment, we can help you establish or advance your DEI functions.

Evaluate Your Company for DEI

At Gupta consulting, we don’t do “guesswork” or cookie-cutter solutions. Our work is based on hard data, and our solutions are customized for your specific company’s culture. This is because you must first understand the culture before you can address DEI in your organization. Using our proprietary ECAT® methodology, we collect qualitative and quantitative data to provide you with a clear picture of your organization’s culture. We then work with you to develop your DEI vision and craft a strategy, with a customized roadmap for creating the environment you want for your employees.

Build Cultural Competency

37% of the U.S. population is multicultural—including employees, customers, and clients. To successfully lead today’s multicultural teams, leaders must incorporate a respectful and inclusive mindset for the different cultural backgrounds they will interact with. Our cultural competency consulting services will help prepare your employees and leaders for today’s multicultural workplace—and market.

Develop Your Leaders

Gupta Consulting provides a variety of solutions for leadership development. This includes one-to-one executive coaching to build leadership skills, mentoring programs to develop your high-potential employees and enhance their overall skills, and training programs to help your employees become more effective leaders.

Develop Women Employees

Women are more than 50% of our national workforce, and studies have shown that having women in leadership roles substantially improves a company’s performance and ability to innovate. Gupta consulting can help develop your women employees to their full potential and to identify and mitigate gender bias in your working environment. We can assist you in providing mentoring programs, executive coaching, training programs, and inclusion circles.

Our Approach

Gupta Consulting believes DEI should be one of the core pillars of your overall business strategy. With hard data gathered using ECAT™, our proprietary ELEVATE Cultural Assessment Tool, we develop a customized plan to embed DEI into your overall business goals and objectives.

our people-centered approach to dei

“Dr. Gupta and I worked together at McKinsey & Company and over the last 20 years, I have always known her to have superb interpersonal skills. She is excellent at understanding others and getting cross-cultural teams to work towards the same goals in harmony. She is a leader, an entrepreneur, and a person with high standards in everything she does. She is caring, thoughtful, generous, and very loyal. Sangeeta can work through any problem and reach any objective and beyond. She is definitely a pleasure to work with and an asset to bring to anyone’s team.”

- Dr. Sonia Nasr, PhD, President, GLOVAL Consulting, LLC

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