DEI Hybrid Training

Virtual & in-person training solutions for the hybrid workforce

As we reimagine our workplaces, we also must adapt our DEI training strategies to the new ways in which we work. Hybrid workplaces require hybrid training solutions. This combination of training methods—both virtual and in-person—gives your employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace and based on their own learning styles. Gupta Consulting provides customized solutions such as combining online learning with assisted learning (facilitated sessions and instructor-led) to successfully embed learning for maximum behavioral change.

“Dr. Gupta designed a hybrid training program for us so that we could create an inclusive and welcoming environment for our K-12 students and teachers. The program perfectly addressed our needs. The teachers, principal and board members of our school first completed Dr. Gupta’s ELEVATE DEI online program which gave us the foundational knowledge and skills we needed. These skills were further enhanced by the live DEI discussion Dr. Gupta facilitated with the board. Her knowledge and execution are simply extraordinary. I am certain I will always remember and reflect upon the impactful discussion.”

- Hybrid Training Client

Discover hybrid DEI training for your remote & in-office workforce