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Live, in-person or virtual DEI training that elevates you, your employees, and your business

Through live, interactive, in-person sessions, provide foundational and advanced knowledge as well as practical tools to drive effective behavioral change in your organization. If you want the immediacy and highly customized, personal attention that comes from a live training, look no further. In these sessions, your team will learn how to make your company culture more inclusive, equitable, and engaging in ways that support both employee and business goals.

“The learning experience with Dr. Gupta provided high levels of interaction, a tremendous amount of pertinent information, and very useful stories and real-life examples. Her Negotiating Across Cultures workshop was concise but proved to be extremely valuable and Dr. Gupta’s personal touch and communication style made it a very enjoyable experience.”

- Yair Crane, Public Affairs & Accounts Manager, Newlight Technologies & Restore Foodware

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