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I’m Dr. Sangeeta R. Gupta, President and lead consultant for Gupta Consulting.

I am a globally recognized expert with more than 25 years of experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, gender, and unconscious bias education. I’ve been a trusted advisor to C-level executives, helping them create a more inclusive, equitable, and productive work environment.

As a highly sought-after speaker in the DEI space, I have led groups of all sizes and backgrounds—from the classroom to the boardroom—in meaningful, respectful and open conversation about DEI issues and solutions. Reach out today if you are interested in having me lead your organization in one of these crucial DEI conversations.

“In the 10 years I have known Dr. Gupta, I have seen her present and facilitate discussions on a variety of diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural competency topics. She is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker that has the ability to put people at ease. Her passion for people and speaking skills create an open space for safe and meaningful discussions. I strongly recommend Dr. Gupta as a speaker.”

- Charlotte Claiborne, VP, Diversity & Inclusion, Sony Pictures Entertainment (Retired)

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