Case Studies

DEI programs customized to your culture, vision, and needs

At Gupta Consulting, we do not use a “cookie cutter” approach, but tailor our DEI training to fit the unique shape of your organization. It is our goal for you to understand DEI as an integral part of your company’s culture, and to filter your perspective through a DEI lens that fundamentally improves the way that you conduct business.

Our work is of a confidential and sensitive nature. Therefore, it is our policy not to reveal client names. These case studies represent composites of work that we have done for a number of our clients across a variety of industries.

County-wide Utility Client: 11,000+ Employees

Client Needs & Wants

This client wanted to attain a baseline understanding of their company culture. From this starting point, they wanted to develop and implement diversity and inclusion policies and procedures that would create a cohesive and company-wide culture.

Our Process

First, we conducted a company-wide DEI assessment and audit to determine the company’s strengths, areas for improvement, and their overall company culture, including policies and procedures. This research was done across a variety of office and field locations, where we:

  • Collected data from focus groups, interviews, paper and electronic surveys as well as observational analysis, including both office staff and field workers who traditionally do not participate in assessments of this type.
  • Evaluated all of the qualitative and quantitative data collected and benchmarked against best practices from within their industry and overall academic and organizational best practices from other industries.
  • Conducted an L2, L3, and L4 assessments of their DI training program to determine the transfer of knowledge, behavioral change, roadblocks, and bottlenecks, then used all of the data collected to determine ROI on their training.

The Results

Using the data gathered, we developed a comprehensive implementation plan. This included common language and a framework with which to discuss company culture. With these tools, the client was able to incorporate DEI holistically throughout their organization. As a result, they saw increased employee productivity as well as better employee retention and engagement.

Global Technology Client: 6000+ Employees

Client Needs & Wants

This client’s goal was to create an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and respectful working environment while maintaining their creative energy. 

Our Process

To begin, we designed and conducted data analysis and cultural assessments (nationally and globally) to assess the current culture within the organization. This research included an analysis of existing reports, broad sets of data, and business processes. 

Based on the quantitative and qualitative data from the cultural assessments, best practices in the industry, and in conjunction with their vision, we:

  • Created their national and global DEI strategy with a 1-year, 3-year and 5-year implementation plan with benchmarks and evaluation methodology.
  • Developed and administered a mentoring program for high performing women and underrepresented ethnic/racial groups. 
  • Established employee resource (affinity) groups.
  • Established senior leadership level and also senior executive-level steering  committees to approve and recommend strategies and to monitor progress. These committee members also served as champions of the DEI effort, and thereby assisted in embedding DEI within the organization from the top down.
  • Developed and delivered Working Effectively with Others and Unconscious Bias training. The Unconscious Bias training included a gender component to ensure knowledge of gender bias for a more thorough understanding of DEI, its impact in the working environment, and mitigation strategies.

Once the initial efforts were underway, we conducted a Level 2 assessment on each program to determine the transfer of knowledge of the material. Based on the data, we recommended further steps to be taken.

The Results

Our overall DEI strategy and implementation plan led to a cultural shift in how this organization envisioned and conducted their business. They have since integrated DEI into almost every aspect of their business, from their internship programs and hiring practices to the creation of products, selection and utilization of talent, marketing, and in the content that they create. DEI is now a high priority in how they conceive, evaluate, and greenlight material. They have grown the programs that we established and have developed additional DEI initiatives as they continue to strive for a fully diverse, equitable, and inclusive working environment. Through their example, they are having an impact on the entire industry, and have received awards for their outstanding work.

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