30/30 DEI Challenge – Day 12

“Minorities Who ‘Whiten’ Job Resumes Get More Interviews”

 Article by Dina Gerdeman, Harvard Business School

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In this article, Dina Gerdeman breaks down a 2016 study by a HBS professor which showed applicants were twice as likely to get job interviews if they “whitened” (i.e. removed any reference to racial identity) their resumes; Gerdeman explains some of the implications of the study, and suggests way to improve hiring practices in organizations.

“The Long History of Racism Against Asian Americans in the U.S.”

Article by Adrian De Leon


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In this article, Adrian De Leon (Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of Southern California) describes America’s history of anti-Asian policies and rhetoric; he also discusses the not-so-new trend of painting Asians as a “model minority” as a justification for discrimination against other ethnic groups.

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