30/30 DEI Challenge – Day 10

“Stand Up Against Religious Discrimination”

 YouTube video by Dr. Eboo Patel

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In this BigThink video, Dr. Patel (PhD: sociology of religion, founder of Interfaith Youth Core) talks about a personal encounter with religious discrimination in his youth; he explains how important it is to recognize the rich diversity of religion in America and be prepared to widen your own perspectives.

“Why We Need Universal Design”

 TED Talk by Michael Allen Nesmith

 Time: 10:30 min

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In this TED Talk, Michael Nesmith (a creative designer for Amazon) discusses the importance of “universal design” (the concept of designing everyday processes, products, even websites so that they are accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of disability); he emphasizes how important it is that we acknowledge disability (whether temporary or permanent) as a driver for social change and innovation, not an impairment.

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