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25 years of DEI consulting experience

For over two decades, Dr. Sangeeta Gupta, president and founder of Gupta Consulting Group, has guided senior leaders through the challenging and ultimately rewarding process of building and implementing sound diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and programs that drive fundamental behavioral change.

Dr. Gupta and her team know that the best DEI programs are rooted in fact, empathy and a desire to do the right thing. At the same time,  successful DEI strategies must be driven by data, meet definable goals, be cost-effective, and achieve measurable results. These values and metrics work together to strengthen your culture.

Why Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives?


Percent of millennials who are
actively engaged when company
cultures are inclusive


The amount of money that
disengaged employees cost US
businesses per year


Percent of candidates who seek
out diverse organizations to
work for


DEI Solutions

DEI Consulting

From our turnkey training programs to customized solutions based on research into your company, we’ll work with you to build an inclusive environment where innovation, engagement and productivity can flourish.

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ELEVATE DEI Online Training

Combining the needs of your business and your employees, the ELEVATE DEI Training Program gives individuals and organizations the foundational knowledge and operational tools to drive effective behavioral change.

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DEI Live Training

Through live, interactive sessions, Dr. Gupta and her team will train your leaders and employees to be more effective in building more inclusive teams and departments. Dr. Gupta’s sessions provide the foundational knowledge and practical tools to drive successful behavioral change in your organization.

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DEI Hybrid Training

Gupta Consulting provides customized solutions for hybrid workplaces. We will work with you to develop a maximum-impact program that incorporates online learning with facilitated or instructor-led assisted learning.

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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Gupta speaks to audiences around the U.S.—and the world—about how to build a truly diverse and inclusive workplace where innovation, engagement, and productivity can thrive. She’s ready to lead your audience in meaningful conversations.

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MCLE Accreditation

We offer Recognition of Bias and Elimination of Bias training for the Minimum Legal Continuing Education (MCLE) required by the California Bar Association.

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Upcoming Holistic DEI Speaker Series

November 17, 2021
1pm EST/Noon CST/10am PST

Keeping your foot out of your mouth: Tips and advice for navigating holiday conversations and connections during turbulent times


Dr. Sangeeta R. Gupta,
and Mariah Hayden


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