Quick Guide to Cultural Competency: Second Edition

Table of Contents


• Module 1: A Dynamic New World

New skills for today’s leaders

• Module 2: Understanding Culture

Build cultural competence adaptability

• Module 3: Communication Skills

Are you hearing what I’m saying?

• Module 4: Use of Time

How time is used across cultures

• Module 5: Business Etiquette

What’s in a handshake?

• Module 6: Multicultural Teams

How does culture affect team dynamics?


With the rapid changes taking place in our business environment, both domestically and globally, new leadership skills are needed. This includes understanding different communication styles, time orientations, business etiquette, and the ability to lead multicultural teams. 37% of the U.S. population is multicultural which means that everyone needs these skills in order to succeed in today’s diverse business environment.


As an executive with extensive global experience on several continents, I found Dr. Gupta’s book to be extremely valuable. The information is presented in a concise manner by someone who clearly understands the challenges in today’s business environment. I found myself making notes as I read and realized that the information could be used immediately by my team. This book is a valuable resource for today’s busy working environment.

Sandeep Abrol
Vice President, Corporate Sector Purchasing and Logistics, North America
Robert Bosch, LLC

I recently read the Quick Guide to Cultural Competency on the plane during my first trip to India. It’s like taking a quick yet in-depth course on how to interact effectively with other cultures. With a few hours of reading, I learned about my preferred styles regarding communication and time orientation as compared to the Indian style. Understanding the different perspectives was extremely valuable. With this new skillset, I was able apply the principles learned and adapt to the Indian business environment. In addition, I was also able to use the same information and principles with my China team. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase their effectiveness and productivity working across cultures or in a multicultural environment.

Damon Frank
Vice President, Consulting Services
Hitachi Consulting

Few business issues have more relevance today than developing cultural competence. Dr. Gupta has written a practical guide with quick, digestible, and extremely useful information to help today’s business person, manager or neighbor develop stronger, more effective relationships. Dr. Gupta offers great insights into some of the most challenging aspects of dealing with cultures, namely communication, time orientation, and etiquette.

Debra Bragg
Vice President, Human Resources/Administration
University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC)

Whether your customers and business partners are across town or on the other side of the globe, the ability to interact effectively in a multicultural environment is a critical skill for all business leaders. The demographics of the workforce have shifted and multicultural teams have become the new norm. A Quick Guide to Cultural Competency is an excellent resource to gain an understanding of the key dimensions of culture.

Linda Rudolph, MBA, SPHR
HR Director

In an ever increasing global economy, managers and executives need cultural aptitude to lead successfully in today’s business environment. Written in a clear and concise style with enlightening exercises, A Quick Guide to Cultural Competency gives managers and executives the tools to develop the cultural adeptness to be more effective leaders in the global market place.

Reginald Roberts, Ph.D.
Director, Advanced Analytics

Dr. Gupta does an excellent job of synthesizing material in a way that is conceptually sound and useful at a practical level. The content is very accessible and interesting to read. Anyone who interacts with other cultures will find this material extremely helpful.

Gary Ruud, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Communication Studies
California State University, Fullerton