Dr. Gupta’s written publications will help you on your DEI journey in the workplace and beyond. 

DEI Publications

With the rapid changes taking place in our business environment, both domestically and globally, new leadership skills are needed.
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This Quick Guide focuses on unconscious bias and how it forms in the brain. We will learn how biases impact the working environment and come away with practical tips to mitigate biases in the working environment.

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Women make up more than 50% of today’s workforce. Yet, they continue to face gender bias in every aspect of the employment life cycle. In this Quick Guide, we will look at how gender bias manifests in the working environment and how it impacts the bottom line of organizations in every industry. We will also discuss what leadership skills women need to be successful in today’s working environment.

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Submissive, docile, exotic… These are the images of South Asian women living in the USA that are created and perpetuated by society and the media–images that define and limit the boundaries of identity formation for these women.

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DEI Publications for Children

Our DEI books for the next generation are designed to introduce young children to the world of diversity, equity and inclusion and to help them navigate the global village in which they live. In these books, our inquisitive and adventurous heroes Maya and Rajan guide young readers on their DEI journeys.

Maya and Rajan go to North India

Join Maya and Rajan as they take you on a photographic journey to North India and explore the wonders of our world. Readers will experience the Taj Mahal, explore ancient forts, ride an elephant, learn about traditional arts and crafts and gain cultural understanding.

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Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends

Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends introduces young children to the concepts of diversity and inclusion. Maya and Rajan say that, “You wouldn’t only have friends with straight hair or green eyes…why would you only be friends with kids of a certain color or background?” This book helps children understand that friends come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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