Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends

Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends introduces young children to the concepts of diversity and inclusion. Maya and Rajan say that, “You wouldn’t only have friends with straight hair or green eyes…why would you only be friends with kids of a certain color or background?” This book helps children understand that friends come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They explore how their friends may have different abilities or special needs. This book will help children be more inclusive as they build their own rainbow of friends.


Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends presents some very important topics in a kid-friendly enjoyable way. They are concepts we should all be teaching and reinforcing, but don’t always know how to approach. This book helps do that easily and effectively. This will be a book we read again and again!

Sapna Kumar Parekh

Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends discusses differences beyond just skin color/physical attributes and goes deeper. It includes differences in beliefs, sensory processing, and family structures and other aspects of our lives. This book teaches children of the need to be sensitive and aware of all the various aspects of ourselves and others that make us the unique individuals we are. This book is a wonderful resource for parents of children with special needs to give to their child’s teacher or school library to help the other students understand their perspective.

Heather Dugan
Center Director and Regional Manager of Learning Centers
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

This book just warmed my heart all over. We are a bi-cultural / multi-racial family with a 7 year old daughter who has special needs and has gay aunties and religious grandparents! You really covered the gamut here. It was very very precious to read! I want my child to learn that we are all alike in some ways and different in some ways! Our lives are made richer and more colorful through our friends and families.

Susanna Peace Lovell

Maya and Rajan’s Rainbow of Friends presents diversity in a wonderful and unique way. It teaches children the importance of considering diversity in a collective sense and not just in a one=dimensional perspective. Essentially, we are diverse in so many ways not just through our appearances but through the activities we enjoy etc. What a powerful message—and truly something I had not considered in this way. This book will help me teach my son to love all the diverse parts of him.

Daryl-Lynn Roberts