How to Mitigate the Impact of Race and Gender in the Classroom

  June 15, 2021  1pm EST/Noon CST/10am PST


Session Overview:

The rising racial diversity among America’s student population alongside America’s overwhelmingly White teaching workforce requires us to determine how we will commit to creating inclusive K – 12 classrooms. At the same time, there is the need to explore the cultural competence of all educators and the ways that race and gender intersect to influence all aspects of education, from classroom demographics to content inclusion and equitable discipline. Dr. Rebecca Dupas will rely on case studies rooted in her research as well as facilitated conversation to help us explore how educators can be mindful of dueling perspectives about race and how to mitigate the impact of gender and race in the classroom. The session will end with tangible action items for K- 12 educators, parents, and all involved in the education of our children.

About the Presenter: