30/30 DEI Challenge – Day 2

“How To Be An Ally: A Guide for Individuals and Organizations”

LinkedIn article by Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

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In this article, Dr. Gupta lays out 4 steps that individuals and organizations alike can take to truly effect change during these momentous times. These include listening, reporting, investing, and committing.

“Why It’s So Hard to Talk About the N-Word”

TED Talk by Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

Time: 19 min

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In this informative TED Talk, Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor (Associate Prof. of History at Smith College) discusses the “n-word”; she talks about its unique position in American society, and the complex history it represents; she explains the importance of critically thinking about (and discussing) “points of encounter” with the word, so as to more fully understand its significance.

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