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Where are the women in the C-suite?

Where are the women in the C-suite? At the current rate, it will be 2082 when women achieve parity in the boardroom Seventy years from now. I calculated that this will not happen until my great-granddaughter’s generation. It’s a sobering thought. An international survey provided the following stats: –          39.8% of companies have NO FEMALE […]

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Have We Become Too Politically Correct?

Have we become too politically correct? This is a question I am constantly asked. Many people say that they are tired of how “sensitive” people have become and that they are only “kidding”. And that people have “lost their sense of humor”. My mother used to say, “If it hurts someone, it is not funny”. […]

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Who are You? Relationship vs. Task Oriented Cultures

It is very common when you are interacting with Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin cultures for people to ask questions before you conduct business. A typical first meeting will often include questions about your background and sometimes, very little business discussion. They want to know about: your marital status; your education; whether you have children; […]

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