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Have We Become Too Politically Correct?

Have we become too politically correct? This is a question I am constantly asked. Many people say that they are tired of how “sensitive” people have become and that they are only “kidding”. And that people have “lost their sense of humor”. My mother used to say, “If it hurts someone, it is not funny”. […]

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Women First: A Quick Business Etiquette Tip

If you are being introduced to a woman, always let her take the lead in whether or not you shake hands. This tip is for all cultures, even the U.S. A man should always wait to see if the woman extends her hand or simply says “hello”. It is her choice whether she shakes hands […]

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How to avoid being the “Sex on the Beach” couple

A little bit of cultural knowledge and cultural sensitivity could have save Michelle Palmer and Vincent Acors months of anguish not to mention the international humiliation of being dubbed the “Sex on the Beach” couple. Both Palmer and Acors are British citizens who were accused of public indecency, sex outside of marriage and drunkenness

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