Unconscious Bias (UB)

Unconscious Bias (UB) in the workplace impacts all of our business decisions including recruiting, assignments, performance reviews, promotions, and terminations. It also impacts what products and markets are considered and prioritized, how and where investments should be made and if corporate strategy is adapted to local markets.

It is vital that organizations set up strategies to identify and mitigate unconscious bias in order to maximize the potential of all it’s employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating an environment of inclusion is a business imperative for all industries.  Study after study has shown that a company with  a diverse workforce outperforms companies without diversity.



Unconscious Bias and D&I Training Programs

Training Programs

We offer a variety of different interactive training programs to help your staff become more effective leaders. Sample workshops include:

  • Inclusive Leadership: Understanding & Mitigating Bias
  • Creating an Effective Working Environment
  • Creating an Inclusive Working Environment
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills

Measurement of Learning and Behavioral Change
We can also provide both quantitative and qualitative data regarding the knowledge transfer and behavior change that resulted from the training.