Utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we work with senior leadership and key stakeholders to facilitate the development of a compelling vision and strategic goals.

Through this research we can provide leadership with the tools needed to define a long-term strategic plan that is based on your mission and values.

Cultural Assessments

Our team can conduct a cultural assessment which will provide data to establish your overall D&I strategy. We can evaluate your company culture and help you to identify areas where training and/or coaching may be beneficial. We can also provide customized workshops to help you reach your milestones.


  • Provide Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  • Customized Questionnaires
  • Targeted Focus Groups

Evaluation of Training Programs

Our team can do an in-depth evaluation of any training programs you plan to conduct. We can custom design an evaluation that gives you the data to build the business case for your training objectives.

Sample Evaluation:

Level 1: Evaluation of the training program itself.

Level 2: Testing before and after the training program to determine whether key concepts were learned as a result of the training.

Level 3: Questionnaires and/or focus groups before and after the training program to determine level of behavioral change as a result of the training.

Level 4: Answers the question, “Was the training program worth it?” We combine the data from all levels to determine if the training program accomplished its goals.