Creating an Inclusive Environment

We offer consulting and training services to help you create an environment of inclusion and to identify and mitigate bias in your working environment.

Focus areas include:

  • Unconscious Bias (UB)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

Creating an environment of inclusion is a business imperative for all industries. Study after study has shown that a company with a diverse workforce outperforms companies without diversity.

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Women are more than 50% of our national workforce, yet, their knowledge and skills are underutilized and undervalued in many organizations.

Numerous studies conducted in the U.S. and globally offer concrete evidence that having women in leadership roles substantially improves a company’s performance and their ability to innovate.

Our services help you to develop your women employees to their full potential and we will also help you to identify and mitigate gender bias in your working environment


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Leadership Development

Leadership development for both your current leaders and your next generation of leaders is one of the most valuable investments that a company can make.

We work with you to develop a strategy to maximize the leadership potential of your staff.

Our services in this practice area include:
• Executive Coaching
• Interactive Training Programs
• Mentoring programs

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Cultural Competency

Our training programs and globally focused executive coaching will equip your management with the core skills necessary to succeed in today’s global arena.

Sample workshops include:

    • Effective Global Leadership Skills
    • Leading Cross-cultural and Remote Teams
    • Communicating Across Cultures
    • Intercultural Negotiations
    • Intercultural Conflict Resolution
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