Advance Praise

Maya and Rajan Go to North India is a wonderful resource for parents and a great
read for the kids! The book is engaging, informative, and fun.

Madhuri Dixit

Perfect for kids in elementary school. The book has the tools for kids to do art projects, learn vocabulary words, make and taste new food, learn history, and explore a different culture. Seeing the pictures of Maya and Rajan was SUPER interesting to my girls. They love seeing other kids in action doing what they had just heard about. This book contains a wealth of information. After reading the book, I want to take my family to India, especially North India. I know a lot more and felt as though I had a great conversation with a friend about her trip.

Tarah Stovall

Books like Maya and Rajan go to North India are needed as our children are growing up in a multicultural society and becoming global citizens. As parents of a bicultural child, we look forward to sharing this book with our son to help him understand the diverse, exciting and complex world that he will inherit. This is an excellent book and we highly recommend it.

Paul Martin and Laury Taylor Martin

My 8 year old daughter and I truly enjoyed the book! It’s an amazing look into a wonderful and rich culture. We loved the part that taught us new words in the native language. The book has just the right mixture of great information, fun facts, and pictures to really make it a learning experience. The pictures looked like they belonged in a magazine!

Christine Rodriguez

Experiencing North India through the eyes of Maya and Rajan made the book very
exciting to read. This book was useful from an educational perspective and taught us
a great deal about the Indian culture even though we were already pretty
knowledgeable on this subject. It also underscored the importance of exposing your
family history and culture to your children early on so they can gain a sense of pride
before perhaps others provide their own perspective on your culture. We plan to
share it with many friends as it is just such a great demonstration of celebrating
one’s culture.

Dr. Reginald and Mrs. Daryl-Lynn Roberts