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PIHRA Diversity and Cross Cultural Summit
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta’s, co-founder and co-director, discusses the 2009 PIHRA Diversity and Cross Cultural Leadership Summit.

Video By Jobing

Training Magazine
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta’s article on how companies can update their current diversity programs and also address cultural competency issues.

Mine the Potential of Multicultural Teams
SHRM’s HR Magazine, Diversity Agenda
With multicultural teams becoming the norm in the U.S., Dr. Sangeeta Gupta’s article on how teams can overcome cultural differences and provides tips to help them increase their productivity. This article was featured in the October issue of SHRM’s HR Magazine.

ABC’s Of American Business Etiquette: How To Make A Positive First Impression
Apparel Resources
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta provides detailed information on how Asian salespeople can make an effective presentation to a U.S. company. The article covers a variety of topics from attire and etiquette to meeting protocols.

Tyson Foods: a lesson in religious tolerance, community relations
Diversity Insight 
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta comments on the backlash faced by Tyson Foods when they modified their holiday schedule to accommodate their employees’ religious holiday preferences.

Offshore yourself: Making the move to Bangalore
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta discusses the cultural issues companies need to consider when offshoring to Bangalore, India.

Essentials of global team building
Dr. Sangeeta Gupta discusses best practices in building and managing an effective global team.

Speaking Engagements

ESPN Radio: The Experience with LaFern Cusack


AIRED: Sunday, January 12, 2014

Diversity and Inclusion: Eliminating the cringe affect. LaFern Cusack discusses global diversity and inclusion with Sangeeta Gupta, Ph.D. (Diversity & Inclusion Cultural Competency Working with India, Gupta Consulting Group) and Tisa Jackson (Vice President, Corporate Diversity & Inclusion, Union Bank).


Cerritos, CA
Title: Innovation for Markets Panel, Moderator
5th Annual India Trade Conference

Irvine, CA
Title: Cross Cultural Competency and the Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession
MCLE Accredited

Long Beach, CA
Title: Leadership Skills for a Flat World
PIHRA Diversity and Cross Cultural Leadership Summit

Los Angeles, CA
Title: Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession
Los Angeles County Bar Association

Orange County, CA
Title: Eliminating Bias in the Legal Profession
Orange County Bar Association

Chicago, IL
Title: New Skills to Unlock Your Global Potential

Irwindale, CA
Moderator: Green and Social Enterpreneurship Panel
India Trade Conference

Los Angeles, CA
Title: Operating in India
Global Group, Provisors

Newport Beach, CA
Title: Leveraging cultural competency in today’s business environment
Bruin Professionals

Los Angeles, CA
Title: Understanding the Indian business environment
Global Group, Provisors

Los Angeles, CA
Title: Working with India
UCLA, International HR Management

Irvine, CA
Title: The Power of Cultural Competency
Chapman University, Manager’s Program

Voice America Internet Radio Show
Title: Cultural Competency and the Office

November 11, 2008, Webinar 11am PST
Title: Interactions in the Middle East: Around the World in Asian Days
India China America Institute

November 6, 2008, Long Beach, CACA
Title: Leading Effective US-Based Virtual and Multicultural Teams
PIHRA Diversity and Cross-Cultural Leadership Summit

November 5, 2008 Universal City, CA
Title: Best Practices in Diversity Training Tools, Trends and Measurement
The Staffing Management Association of Southern California (SHRM)
Sheraton Universal, Universal City, CA

ProVisors Cross-Cultural Business Group
Title: How to market to the Indian-American population