Dr. Sangeeta Gupta is a management and organizational development consultant and a specialist in diversity and intercultural consulting and executive coaching. She has more than 15 years of experience in a variety of industries including: information technology; entertainment; government; financial services; academia; transportation; health care; and nonprofit. Dr. Gupta has served senior management in a variety of roles including change management, organizational design, strategy, leadership development, business process implementation and outsourcing. By combining her academic background and her business experience, Dr. Gupta works with her clients to improve their overall performance while targeting bottom line results.

Dr. Gupta has worked with clients to conduct cultural assessments with senior leadership and has conducted focus groups with both management and non-management personnel. Her strategy and recommendations have helped numerous clients create a more inclusive environment. In addition, she has helped clients evaluate the success of training programs on topics such as diversity, intercultural issues, communication, and leadership skills. She is an expert on working with clients who have a presence in India or are outsourcing to India. She assists them in working through their cultural differences in order to increase productivity and decrease costs. Her Working with India and Working with Americans workshops are specifically designed for each client’s individual needs. She has also developed workshops for employees who are new to the U.S. business environment.

Dr. Gupta has developed and implemented training programs and consulted on organizational effectiveness issues, particularly initiatives focused on diversity and creating an environment of inclusion. She is an experienced trainer on numerous topics including building diverse teams and increasing their effectiveness through the development of core skills such as: meeting facilitation; communication skills; time management and delegation; project management; conflict resolution; and intra-team dynamics, particularly those affected by intercultural issues. She believes that training should be interactive and engaging and utilizes real world examples with the intention of providing material that can be applied immediately upon returning to the workplace.

Her unique combination of expertise in the area of intercultural dynamics and her business background make her a natural to work in the area of global and virtual teams. Dr. Gupta has worked with executives to help them develop the leadership skills necessary to effectively lead global teams. She has also designed programs to assist companies in assembling and managing global and virtual teams to increase individual and team effectiveness, intra- and inter-team skills, ultimately increasing their overall performance.

Dr. Gupta is a specialist in non-western history and cultures and speaks several languages. In addition, she has worked extensively in the areas of ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. She has 15 years of experience researching and teaching in these areas. In addition, she has conducted research and published extensively in fields of gender, ethnicity, and immigrant studies. She is the founder and director of the South Asian Women’s Conference (SAWC), an interactive international forum for the discussion of issues relating to South Asian women globally. She won UCLA’s coveted Cary McWilliams Award for her Honors Thesis on the Asian Indian immigrant community. She is the editor of and a contributor to Emerging Voices: South Asian American Women Redefine Self, Family, and Community. She graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA. She is a senior faculty member in Chapman University’s Leadership Services Program.