Measuring knowledge transfer and behavioral changes

Government Agency with 9000+ employees


The client wanted to measure the impact of a company-wide full-day “Mutual Respect” training program that they were implementing.

We conducted a four level evaluation to determine the impact of this training program. The evaluation consisted of the following steps:)

  • Level 1: Evaluation of the content of the training and facilitators
  • Level 2: Measurement of the level of learning
  • Level 3: Measurement of behavioral changes through questionnaires and focus groups with employees, supervisors and managers.
  • Level 4: We utilized all the data collected in Levels 1-3 to answer the following questions: Was the training worth the
 resources expended? Did the training meet its goals?


  • We worked with the client to develop a strategic vision and plan to leverage the momentum they had from this initial round of training.
  • Further targeted training helped the supervisors implement the necessary changes.

Specific data collected included:

  • Level 1: The content of the training and the trainers received an overall approval rating of approximately 90%.
  • Level 2: There was a 25% increase in the knowledge from the pre-test to the post-test. Pre-test scores were 72% and post-test scores were 97% (respondents who correctly answered the questions).
  • Level 3:
    • 41% stated that their organization has an inclusive environment (59% stated that it did not).
    • 49% stated that they personally were doing something different after attending the training class
    • Of the individuals who reported that they are doing something different: (top 3)
      • 42% reported that they were more careful about what they said
      • 18% reported they were paying more attention
      • 15% reported they were addressing issues
    • 69% stated that their supervisors/managers had not made any changes after the training
  • Level 4: The training had the desired impact and the data revealed areas where further work was necessary (supervisors/managers).

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