Cross-Cultural Training and Coaching

Large technology company with an office in Bangalore

This client has several hundred employees in their Bangalore office which was established five years ago. The U.S. office asked for our assistance as their employees were expressing a great deal of frustration in dealing with their Indian colleagues. The U.S. employees felt that project deadlines were not being met by their Indian colleagues.

After conducting a needs analysis, the employees attended our Working with India and the Working with Americans workshops. We provided group coaching to help solidify the learnings from the workshops. Employees were also provided with a project management workbook to give them concrete steps to use when planning a project across cultures. Upper management was given individual coaching.


  • There was an immediate decrease in frustration after the workshops as employees realized that some of the difficulties were due to different ways of interacting and different ideas regarding concepts such as time.
  • Our six month check-in revealed that employees have implemented the suggested team building strategies and the frustration level continues to decrease while the camaraderie has been slowly increasing.

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