Dr. Sangeeta Gupta

Dr. Sangeeta Gupta is a management and organizational development consultant and a specialist in diversity and intercultural consulting and executive coaching. Dr. Gupta develops and implements training programs and consults on organizational effectiveness issues, particularly initiatives focused on diversity and creating an environment of inclusion. In addition, she helps clients evaluate the success of training programs on topics such as diversity, intercultural issues, communication, and leadership skills. She is an experienced trainer on numerous topics including increasing the effectiveness of U.S.-based diverse teams as well as global and virtual teams by developing their core skills such as: meeting facilitation; communication skills; time management and delegation; project management; conflict resolution; and intra-team dynamics, particularly those affected by intercultural issues.

Dr. Gupta is an expert on working with clients who have a presence in India or are outsourcing to India. She assists them in working through their cultural differences in order to increase productivity and decrease costs.

Dr. Gupta received her Ph.D. from UCLA and is a senior faculty member in Chapman University’s Leadership Services Program. She is the author of four books including A Quick Guide to Cultural Competency, part of the Quick Guide Business Series for the busy professional. She has published extensively and has been featured in ASTD’s Training and Development Magazine, SHRM’s HR Magazine and numerous other publications. Dr. Gupta is a frequent speaker at conferences.

Dr. Gary Ruud

Dr. Gary Ruud received his doctorate from the University of Washington and is currently a professor in the Department of Human Communication Studies at California State University, Fullerton.  Professor Ruud specializes in organizational communication and with over 20 years of related experience has taught a variety of courses including Training and Development, the Dynamics of Organizational Communication, Communication in Groups and Teams, Interviewing, Intercultural Communication, Communication Theory, and Research Methods.   In addition to his experience as a university faculty member, Professor Ruud has consulted or conducted training seminars for companies such as Acurex, Dalmo Victor, Logistix, Memorex, Regis McKenna & Associates, McNeil Corporation, the San Jose Mercury News, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and St. Jude Medical Center.  His seminars have addressed such topics as Conflict Management, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership, Motivation and Retention, Negotiation, Presentation Skills, and Team Building.   Professor Ruud is currently working on a project with the physicians, nurses, and staff members at St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California in order to enhance their communication with hospital patients.