How to be an Ally, Step 3: Be Strategic to Make Real Change

CEOs are asking: “What can we do? I want to address this & do better.”

I’m getting call after call from people of color (POC) saying, “I’ve been handed responsibility for DEI just because I’m a POC. Can you help?”

We are at a crossroads in our country. I’ve never seen this level of momentum for DEI. This is an opportunity for real change. Address this strategically. Do it right.

The CEOs I work with are good people. They want to run a responsible company & they want to create a respectful & inclusive working environment for all of their employees. They understand they need to do better. They just don’t know how. And it is not their job to know how. They have experienced people running their departments & the best CEOs listen to them so they can make informed decisions. Creating an effective DEI department & strategy is no different.

For organizations:

COMMIT to real change. This is not the time to rely on mission statements. You have to be willing to CHANGE the way you do business.

THINK STRATEGICALLY: Creating an effective DEI strategy is the same as any other business strategy. Bring in an expert. Do not put this on your employees of color. It is not their job.

MAKE THE RIGHT INVESTMENT: Invest in DEI and FULLY commit to what needs to be done.

For Individuals: Unless you have the expertise, do not agree to take on DEI unless you negotiate for an expert. There is the opportunity to create systemic change & you want to have all the tools you need at your disposal. Otherwise, it’s a failed opportunity.


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