How to Be an Ally, Step 2: “Recognize, Respond, & Report”

Our Scoutmaster shared an important example with the kids in our troop.

One of his Black co-workers was wearing a mask. Another co-worker, White, asked him, “Are you wearing that to protect yourself or are you planning to rob Target”. The scoutmaster positioned his response within scout values. He talked to the kids about being kind and thoughtful towards each other and about the need to “recognize, respond, and report”.

I reached out to him & we discussed respect, bias, & discrimination. About how words matter & how they create environments of exclusion. We talked about hate speech & environments that enable it. This co-worker clearly felt he could say this with impunity. Until now, he could.

How to Be an Ally, Step 2: “Recognize, Respond, & Report” – Post 2 of 2 for Step 2
As Individuals: It is vital to speak up when you hear hate speech. We ALL have to be allies for each other. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of color, SPEAK UP & do not let hate to be normalized. And while you are being aware of what others are saying and doing, think about what you are saying and doing as well. Are you perpetuating stereotypes? Are you aware of your various privileges? We have to be self-aware so that we are not part of the problem.

Start today and see how powerful one person can be. Gandhi was one person. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one person. They each took a first step. What is your first step going to be?

As Organizations: Create an environment with clear guidelines & zero-tolerance for hate speech.

We ALL can work together to make a difference in our working environments.



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