How to be an ally: A Guide for Individuals and Organizations

We are living in unprecedented times and we are seeing history being made all around us. I have studied, researched, and published in the field of DEI for more than 25 years and I have never seen this level of energy and intensity of the will to create change. I genuinely believe that we can leverage this energy and the will to change the dynamics of our country so that it really becomes a country for ALL its citizens.

Not only is our country at a crossroad, we as individuals and organizations are also faced with decisions about our actions and the future we want to create. We all have an opportunity to create lasting and much needed change. This momentum has to result in effective change, or we will exponentially damage the soul of our country.

All around me, individuals and CEOs are asking: what can we do?

Here are some ways to engage as an effective ally on an individual and an organizational level:
Step 1: Listen
Step 2: “Recognize, Respond, Report”
Step 3: Be strategic to make real change
Step 4: There is no middle ground in being an ally

I will be posting on each step in the coming days. As individuals and as organizations, we must act now to create change. Failure to do this is not an option we can afford.


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